Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Mummy


Your day is over before it even begins.

You forget to order ice in your iced coffee.

You think a complete meal is two animal crackers and a sip of watered down grape juice.

You haven’t gone to the bathroom by yourself in over a year.

You have more peanut butter on your clothes than your toddler does.

You shave your armpits twice because you can’t remember if you already did it or not.

You can’t remember the last time you moisturized…anything!

You want to punch that no-good Caillou in the face.

You think sleeping until 7 is a luxury (or sleeping at all, for that matter!).

You would sell your soul (or maybe your children) for a glass of wine and a bubble bath.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You Might Be a Mummy

  1. I’ve just started a job as a private nanny (nothing on Mums I know) but one of the first things I have learnt is that young children like to come into the toilet with you, as if you are their mummy. He even said that he saw my winky. Not the highlight of the job so far, that’s for sure.


    • Oh no! I can’t imagine when they’re not your own…that’s a whole new level! Haven’t stopped laughing at him saying he saw your “winky” don’t know if I’m laughing more because he said that or the term winky. Love it! Thanks for sharing, and for reading! : )


      • Haha, you’re very welcome. I just can’t believe I’ve gone 21 years without knowing I have a winky. Haha!


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