Our new go-to nickname for when our daughter acts like a cranky demon baby.

I wish I had been clever enough to come up with this nickname, but I have to give credit to Up All Night. There was a reference made to the couple’s daughter being a Beelzebaby or as the definition of Beezlebub states: a chief spirit of evil. Genius!

As much as I want the world to believe my daughter can do no wrong, I’m afraid to say that the hubby and I, at times, refer to her as such. It’s completely accurate, not to mention, fun to say.

We know it’s not her fault. We blame her teeth…or that she’s hungry…or tired…or all of the above. While there’s always a reason, it never makes dealing with Beelzebaby any easier. When she’s acting this way, I imagine putting her on the sidewalk with a FREE sign taped to her shirt (only kidding) and the night before last while meltdown ensued before bathtime, the hubby said he was just going to “go out for a gallon of milk” or “pack of smokes” whatever used to be the expression that meant he was never to return. (I glared at him and threatened his manhood.)

I’m afraid my daughter is entering the tantrum phase. She’ll cry and scream for minor offenses like walking away from her or taking away the remote control. Before when she cried all you had to do was hold her, which explained why I barely put her down for the first six months of her life. But now if you try to hold her, then the crying and flailing starts. What I wouldn’t give to go back to when she was content in my arms for 20 hours a day.

Being a Beelzebaby myself gives me the green light to call my own baby out on such behavior. I’ve been told that I was much worse. My daughter is really not “bad” at all, but in the moment it’s another story. Everyone who meets her says what a happy baby she is. So either she has them all buffaloed or I’m lucky she’s not as bad as I was. Maybe a little bit of both.

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