I Survived, But Barely

The thought of missing two whole days of my baby’s life seemed like torture to me.

She only has so many days left before she’s 1 and no longer a baby (Eek!) so these last few weeks are very precious. So precious in fact that I contemplated canceling our first overnight trip away from her. But I’m glad I didn’t. We ended up having a lot of fun, everyone was fine, and now I’m reunited with her and all is right with the world.

The days leading up to our departure was another story. I was a jumble of nerves. My neck wouldn’t stop twitching and my stomach was in knots. I carefully wrote out precise instructions for taking care of my pride and joy (to the woman who raised me and my 2 brothers as if she had never even held a baby in her life!) But it made me feel better. Sorry mom.

We left at night after I put her to bed. I always have the feeling that I’ve forgotten something, but never something as important as my daughter! It was not a good feeling to have. It caused me to groan for the first half hour or so, saying we should turn around and go home — only 5% serious. I knew the 4 hour drive would be the hardest part. Once I was there, I’d be okay. I hated the thought that she’d wake up in the morning and wonder why her parents abandoned her. Nevermind the idea that the world could end and I wouldn’t see her smiling face again. I tried not to give in to those kinds of what-ifs.

I did fine though. The copious amount of alcohol consumed might have had something to do with that. Or the non-stop laughing with my friends. Or the swinging my hair around dancing to loud music like I was still in my 20’s. Whatever it was that helped me through my first weekend away from her was surely appreciated. It was just the boost this Mummy needed!

3 thoughts on “I Survived, But Barely

  1. Good for you – so glad you had fun! I’m worried about taking one night out, but I think if I could have afforded it, we’d have planned an overnight trip too. Don’t worry – your baby won’t remember this, but you will — and that’s a good thing. You need to take care of mommy too!


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