Crouching Tiger, Not-So Hidden Dragon Breath

My mom’s dragon breath has stayed with me for years. It’s the reason why I’m not a coffee drinker today. That, and coffee tastes like ass. But I’ve been seriously thinking about jumping on the coffee bandwagon. It’s the sleepless nights combined with the afternoon sluggishness and the nagging need to work on my “real” writing that is pushing me toward it. I figured if I stayed up a little later and worked on my novel when the entire house is put to bed and quiet, then maybe I’d be one step closer to achieving my lifelong dream of getting published. There is no way I could do this without drinking a pot or two of coffee to get me through, or else I’d want to take a long walk off a short pier.

When I say coffee, I’m not talking about the fancy frou-frou drinks at Starbucks. I mean plain ol’ make-it-yourself sludge. The kind of coffee that cleans out your insides as if you’d eaten a bushel of prunes followed by a basket of bran muffins.

I hear that coffee is a wonder drink capable of supplying a caffeine jolt, keeping you regular, and suppressing your appetite. So many pros. The biggest con, maybe the only one, has to be the dragon breath.

I figured when I became a mom that naturally the next step would be to start enjoying a cup of Joe during my morning routine, not feeling quite human until I took my first jittery drink. But it hasn’t happened yet. I’m afraid to become dependent on it if I take even one gulp.I don’t want to end up a slave to my coffee-maker, a virtual zombie without my java. But I guess I’m already part-zombie, so I should just buy some Altoids and learn how I take my coffee. I’m thinking with A LOT of sugar.

6 thoughts on “Crouching Tiger, Not-So Hidden Dragon Breath

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker, either. After I bugged her about it, my mother allowed me to taste hers when I was a wee four-year-old. I will never forget the experience. I couldn’t imagine why such a thing existed in the world and why my beloved mother was willingly drinking it. Anyway, I drink tea. I brew it strong and it keeps me going.


  2. I didn’t drink coffee until I started the overnight shift at a group home. I’d hit 2 a.m. and all I’d want to do is crawl over to the couch and sleep, yet I wasn’t allowed. SO, coffee helped keep me going. Now I actually like coffee, but with lots of milk and sugar. The frou frou drinks at Starbucks are a treat. 😉


  3. Don’t go there!!! I started drinking coffee in my 30’s and now I can’t function in the morning without a couple of cups. I don’t even necessarily like the taste. It’s just a bad habit. And if my kids called me “Dragon Breath” it would be a compliment.


    • Hah! Dragon breath as a compliment! I guess I never thought of the reason why my mom starting drinking coffee…seems she didn’t have much of a choice with us 3 kids! I’m sure I’ll be on the bandwagon at some point in my life.


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