What’s Next, Baby Tattoos?

Wait, let me get this straight…you want me to take our sweet baby girl to a mall so a gum-snapping, hair-flipping 17-year-old named Kimberley can shoot spikes into her delicate ear lobes? No sir! Ain’t gonna happen! Baby’s don’t get tattoos, why should they get piercings?

My hubby wants to get our baby’s ears pierced, but I’m not convinced. I think it’s funny that he even has an opinion on the subject, yet it’s endearing at the same time. How could I put permanent holes in my daughter’s precious ears? My job is to protect her, not to inflict unnecessary pain for the sake of decoration. She’s not a Christmas tree, for Pete’s sake! What does she need embellishments for? She’s gorgeous, as is!

I feel terrible when she bonks her head on the side of her crib or face plants when attempting to crawl, so how would I feel when she’s screaming in agony from a piercing gun harpooning her miniature lobes? I’m guessing like the worst mom in the world!

My mom took me to get my ears pierced when I was 6 months old, a fact I often bragged about. She did it because I was bald and people would mistake me for a boy. To this day, I’m happy to have my ears pierced and no recollection of going through the painful process. So I wonder if I should go ahead and make the decision for my daughter, or just wait until the day she can ask me herself. What’s a mummy to do?

If her doctor’s office did the procedure, I’d be more inclined to get them done sooner than later, but they don’t. I asked. I just can’t bring myself to take her to a mall to have it done. How could I live with myself if something went wrong or they got infected. I look at her beautiful face and smooth skin and think nothing could be more perfect in this world…how could I mar her by putting metal studs in her ears? It seems insane!

The more I think about it, the more I want to wait until she comes to me and asks to have it done. Even then I’m making her daddy take her. Let him be the bad guy for once!