Becoming a mom is a little like getting roofied (at least I’m guessing since I’ve never actually been roofied.) But from what I’ve heard on shows like CSI or Law & Order, getting roofied and raising a baby will leave you passed out with random body parts exposed and weird fluids crusted on your skin. You wake up very groggy not quite remembering the last thing you were doing. That sums up my life perfectly at this point!

“We don’t even remember what life was like before the baby” is a commonly used phrase by new parents.  Mummy & Daddynesia at work!  Non-parents smile at the sickly sweetness of this while veteran parents think, “And you never will, ever again.” I always thought it meant that the new parents were basking in the glow of their newborn baby they loved so much, but it’s probably closer to not knowing which end is up in the midst of the newborn vortex. I just knew that I would use this clichéd expression when talking to people about the ways my life changed post-baby because it is true. From the moment you give birth, your life is forever changed and your old life is not put on pause, it’s simply gone.

So what does that mean for your old identity? My mom likes to quote “them” saying, “They say you shouldn’t lose sight of who you are. Don’t give up everything.” This coming from the mom whose life was her children. I get what she’s saying. I should continue to do the things that I did before my daughter so I don’t have a mental breakdown and a real identity crisis when she eventually doesn’t need me anymore and I’m left clutching her woobie and crying in the corner. Maybe this “Mummynesia” is a good thing…how could I miss what I don’t even remember?