April Showers Bring May Babies

When it’s your first baby shower, (as with your first wedding) I remember wanting everything to be perfect. Like ripped from the pages of a magazine perfect. And what is the first impression that any of your guests will have?

The invitation, of course!

When you’re planning your wedding you have complete control over the invitation, but not so much when it comes to your baby shower because usually someone else is throwing it in your honor so you let them have creative control and hope that their taste level matches yours. I have champagne taste on a beer budget (and I’m not talking cheap champagne either), I’m talking Perrier Jouet taste.

Luckily my friends and family know me pretty well and threw the best parties complete with adorable invitations that are now treasured keepsakes in my daughter’s baby books. If you’re really worried about it, you can always send the hostess some examples of what you like and hope they get your subtle hint, or if you have bigger balls you can send them exactly what you want!

A very good friend is expecting her first child this coming summer and I’d love to return the favor of a beautiful baby shower (she’s thrown 2 for me!) so I’m already scouting for the perfect invitation. Also, she just found out it’s a boy so that helps narrow the search somewhat. Minted has some amazing baby shower invitations that I know she’d love. Here are just a few that caught my eye:



This is somewhat of a classic option. I love the font and the vintage feel it gives off. It would look great in the baby book for years to come.

Who Doesn't Love an Elephant?

I heart this little guy!

This one would make a great theme as it features the cutest little elephant and fun, cheery colors.

Cute Gallery Wall


I love this one because it looks like a gallery wall and features the parents initials. There are other color options too!


I’ll Drink to That!

This one is perfect for those co-ed showers where our better halves are invited to hang out and drink beer amongst the festivities.

Sip & See

If you haven’t heard of a “Sip & See” then you’re really missing out! My mother-in-law has the best group of friends and threw a “Sip & See” for my second baby. You have the baby, wait a few weeks, then debut her at a party where you get to ‘sip’ champagne and they get to ‘see’ your baby i.e. pass her around while you stuff your face with delicious appetizers and cake pops. It’s all the rage these days! (At least if it’s your second or third child as you would never agree to this kind of party when it’s your first. But for any subsequent birth, you jump at the chance!) It’s a great option and just look at how cute that invitation is!

If you’re like me and love every single one you come across, pick a theme first then go from there!

Mint Condition

It would be foolish of me to have another baby just to create a beautiful birth announcement, but I’m pretty sure a lot of babies have been born for even more foolish reasons. After browsing through Minted’s selections of announcements, I have half a brain to ask my hubby if his procedure can be reversed, then the other half of my brain slaps me back to reality and says, “You can’t handle the two you have!”

Minted’s announcements are so gorgeous they make me want to get knocked up. That’s some powerful ish, because I wouldn’t do it again if you paid me. Well, maybe if you paid me enough and were my very good gay friend who doesn’t have a uterus of his own. Then I might be swayed.

Luckily, with the help of Dr. Weinstein of Santa Barbara, a third baby is not in my future. That said, I still have friends that are not done growing their families and might need some help choosing this very important way to introduce their precious bundle to the world. So here are a few of my faves from Minted (if I could do it all over again):

Makes me so happy!

Fun & Festive

I love this design so much. The shape of the card and the cheeriness of the colors won me over right away. There are other color options that are equally as gorgeous.


Sweet & Girly

Sweet & Girly

This one is all sugar and spice and makes me want to throw a tea party with little sandwiches and French macaroons.


For boys or girls

Unisex & Modern

A cool and unique approach for little girls or boys displaying all the important stats in a fresh way.


Simple & Bold

Simple & Bold

If I had a boy, I would’ve gone with something like this last one. But I had 2 girls so it was all flowers and pink for me.

Really, you can’t go wrong. They’re all so beautiful and well-designed. It’s a hard decision to make because when you put your baby’s perfect face on any of them, they instantly become the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. Plus, they have all these cool new features like gold foil-pressed announcements (since I’m obsessed with anything gold these days) and magnet options like all those nifty “save-the-dates” that couples send out for their weddings now.

Seriously what will they think of next?

I shouldn’t be jealous, but I totally am. Not jealous enough to do anything drastic though like have another baby. I’ll send out birth announcements for a new dog before I go and do something that crazy!