Double Digits

E ~

10 months ago you opened your eyes to the world and probably screamed, “Put me back!” But we didn’t understand your baby cries and we’ve been holding you prisoner ever since. If it’s any consolation, you seem to be a happy prisoner. You’re fed on time and your captors make you squeal with delight when they pinch your naked hiney right before bath time. When you wake up from your naps, you hold the rails on your crib like a true death-row convict, wailing to be picked up and cuddled…it’s so cute.

The past 10 months have flown by. Seriously, wasn’t I just writing you a 9 month birthday letter? It’s frightening how fast time passes since becoming your mom. Your first birthday will be here before I know it. I’ll probably cry the whole day and then eat whatever’s left of the cake after you dig through it with your mitts.

You’re speed-crawling everywhere these days. Your favorite thing right now is playing tag down the hallway. You stand in the corner and scream with happiness when I jump around and scare you. I worry that I might be giving you baby heart attacks, but the minute you cry instead of laugh, I’ll know to stop. (So far that hasn’t happened.)

You’re really cultivating your sense of humor. This morning, when Mummy got all misty-eyed listening to a story about an elephant and a dog who were best friends until the dog died, you looked directly at me and laughed. I guess we know that you didn’t inherit my schmaltziness and you’re more like your father than I care to admit (although he has been known to shed a tear every once in a blue moon).

You’ve said Ma-ma for the first time and while it’s only when you’re in the high chair demanding food, it melts my heart. Most of your words are still babbles, and you’d rather woof like a dog than “say” anything else. Speaking of dogs, they’re your favorite! You love them all!

I’ve said it a million times but you’re the cutest, most beautiful baby in the world. But you’re hardly a baby anymore. You’re getting big so fast and I wish I could start over and relive every second. Well maybe not every second. I’d skip the sleepless nights and the first couple days of recovery after squeezing you out. Those weren’t so fun. But everything in between for sure!

I love you! You are my angel, my darling, my star (to quote one of the books we read).

Happy 10 months my sweet girl.