Really, Summer’s Eve? Really?

I’m sure most of you have seen these new commercials for feminine hygiene products that ask us ladies to “Show it some love” or to “Hail to the V”.

What’s next — an erectile dysfunction ad that says, “Bow down to the P?”


For those of you who’ve missed out, you can guess what the V stands for. That’s right — va-jay-jay.

The first time I saw the ad, I wasn’t quite sure I heard correctly. But yes, they were talking about our private parts. It’s a clever advertising scheme as it has created a lot of buzz around its product. However, it seems a little inappropriate.

I’m all one for girl power and feminism, but even I get a little skeeved out with these commercials. They preface it by saying “It’s been fought over for centuries,” and “It’s the cradle of life.” While this may be true, at the end of the day, my lady business is nobody’s business.

Just like I don’t want to watch blue liquid poured into maxi pads or Jamie Lee Curtis talking about her regularity — I don’t want to hear that I should be throwing a parade in honor of my lady bits. I don’t need a catchy slogan to feel empowered that I indeed have a “V” to hail to.

Lately, it seems like the V-word is a go-to for an easy laugh on many sitcoms, and I’m not talking about the watered-down version borrowed from Grey’s Anatomy. I’m talking about the correct anatomical word…which I can’t bring myself to write because it’s become too cliché. (Yeah right, it’s because even in my writing I’m a bit of a prude.) Yet, soon I have to face the dilemma of what to call said body part in regards to my daughter. But that’s another post for another day.