My 15 Seconds

While some people get 15 minutes of fame, I’m thrilled I got 15 seconds!

Last week I was surprised to learn that one of my tweets made it onto Good Morning America!

Yes, that Good Morning America, the one on national TV.

Someone messaged me on Twitter saying that George on GMA read one of my tweets about back to school. Surely that can’t be right, I thought. This person must have me confused with someone else.

I tuned in for a few minutes before getting the kids ready for school, but nothing. Then I rushed back home after drop off, knowing that I might have a chance to catch it, if it was true. So I got my phone ready (we don’t have a DVR anymore) and waited with my finger over the record button. And this is what happened…

It really was my tweet! I was shocked and elated! To say it made my day would be a massive understatement.

Immediately I sent the clip to my husband and my mom and awaited their reactions while doing a happy dance around the living room. They were so excited. Of course my husband asked what I got out of it and of course my mom said she watched it repeatedly and sent it to everyone in her phone.

While it’s true I didn’t “get” anything out of it (except for bragging rights) it taught me an important lesson that you shouldn’t hold back or edit yourself because you never know what might happen.

Twitter used to be a place where I could get my thoughts out without second-guessing myself, but the more my account grows, the more I doubt and question everything I write. I didn’t think this tweet was anything special, it was just a true account of something in my life. It made me laugh, but I knew it wouldn’t be overly popular, certainly not morning news program popular.IMG_1759

But that’s where I was wrong. Apparently it was morning news program popular and the crowd’s reaction, whether it was genuine or played up for the cameras, was very much appreciated. It gave me a boost of confidence and taught me not to doubt myself.

I soaked up every last second of psuedo-fame, knowing that the next morning I wouldn’t be featured on TV and it’d be back to doing dishes, packing lunches, and folding laundry…you know, all the things that inspire great tweets.




Talkin’ Dirty

To keep somewhat in the loop with the rest of the world and since I don’t read a newspaper, one of my morning rituals is to flip back and forth between all the “news” programs like GMA, Today, and…whatever the other one is. I flip until I find a story that sparks my interest. Yesterday I happened to land on a doozy!

On GMA, they were running a story about more and more moms turning to phone sex as a source of income. This made me laugh since I would be the worst phone sex operator in history. “What am I wearing? Ooooh, stained pajama pants and a raggedy old T-shirt covered in crusty spit-up. You like that, don’t you?”

My version of “talk dirty to me” would be mostly about poop, throw-up, and boogers. Not exactly what the pervos want! Or maybe it is…gross.

One PSO, (phone sex operator) as they put it, was brave enough to show her face on camera while one of the other ones wasn’t. You would never guess this lady was in her home office with her headset on talking about BJs and whatnot. She looked like a normal, middle-aged mom — someone your mom probably would have been friends with. Her PSO name was “Star” which got me thinking what would my name be? Tired? Bedraggled? Cranky?

“Star” said it was a perfect job for her because she was able to work out of her house, spend more time with her child, and still be able to pay the bills. It was anonymous and when asked by her son what she did for a living, she would tell him that she got paid to talk on the phone. Not completely a lie!

I just hope their children never walk in on them while they’re “at work.” Can you imagine? It’s bad enough so many kids accidentally walk in on their parents going at it, but to walk in on your mom while she’s making purring noises and pretending to be a naughty librarian will truly mess up a kid!