Just Call Me Quasimodo

I have the worst posture since becoming a mom.

Is it because I’m too tired to hold this body up? Could it be the lack of core strength? Or is it like gray hair and wrinkles–showing up when you reach a certain age? Probably all of the above.

Whatever the reason, I’m sick of it. When I notice that I’m slumped over like a deformed creature who lives in a bell tower, I straighten up –pushing my shoulders back and holding my head high. It lasts for maybe a minute before I’m back to Slouchy McSloucherson.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll have the biggest hump of all the gals in the resthome. Hopefully I’ll have my own teeth to offset it.

It’s too much work to have good posture. They say it makes you look ten pounds thinner, but so does a girdle…not that I would deal with wearing one of those! (Mummy does not want to feel like a sausage casing.)

Sitting up straight could be the easiest way to “lose” ten pounds, but just because you reposition the rolls doesn’t mean they’re gone…sadly.

Guess I’ll have to figure out how to rock the hunchback look. A cute little bird in your hand (or in my case, my adorable daughter) just might do the trick.


4 thoughts on “Just Call Me Quasimodo

  1. There is a device you can buy that you pin to your shirt at the front of your shoulder, and it beeps when you slouch. I have seriously considered buying one, but then I think that there is enough annoying noise in my house.


  2. I found myself sitting up when reading your post…but sadly slouched back to comfort…its tough enough being a mom without having to remember the right posture all the time!! come on! we need to cut ourselves some slouch 😉


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