I Curse You, Time Change

Just when I was starting to feel human again from consistently getting a “good” night’s sleep, the time change happens and screws everything up! Doesn’t it know not to eff with my sleep? That I get downright vengeful when my slumber is tinkered with?

It’s a cruel, cruel joke. And for what? So that it’s dark in the middle of the day? And light before the roosters are even awake? I hear that Arizona and Hawaii don’t buy in to this nonsense. Why are they so lucky? Why do we have to add and subtract hours to our days on a whim, mess up our children’s normal sleeping times wreaking havoc on our own sanity?

Before I was a mom I loved the time change. It meant getting an extra hour to snooze away. But now it’s the bane of my existence. The only good thing that has come of it is that it’s not dark when I have to pull myself from bed to begin my day.

My daughter’s schedule is all jacked up and I have no-one to point the finger at. It’s not like I can tell her to sleep in until 6:00 cause really it’s 7:00. She knows not what I say.

Her 5:30 wake-up call this morning was a brutal reminder that the time change is tortuously unnecessary. This whole falling back and springing forward is a load of crapola!

6 thoughts on “I Curse You, Time Change

  1. We are on your side! It messes with your life! Side note: Our friend is taking care of her mother (87), in her home. Her mom has alzheimers……the time change messes her up, too. Life is a big circle.


  2. Love this blog! I remember the good ol’ days when my hubby and I would lay around all day and laugh about how it was 10 am but really 11 am and we had nothing to do but relish in the extra hour that we had to lay around the house. You are so right about it being the bane of our existence now – the kids waking up at 5:45 am made us want to knock our heads into the wall 20 times over and we literally held them in bed until 7 am so that they may go to sleep at a reasonable hour that night! Good luck to ya!


  3. I remember well those days – and the ridiculous notion of trying to explain the time change to a three year old and an 18-month old. Sleep is so very precious. People told me to “nap when the baby is napping” but I insisted I needed that time to cook and clean etc. wrong! Get it while you can – just wait until menopause steals it away again!


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