To Cut or Not to Cut?

Mom hair is almost as bad as mom jeans. If someone can guess your age and how many kids you have based on your hairstyle alone, then you’re in trouble. When I was growing up, my mom had the quintessential mom ‘do circa 1985 (see above). It’s still what I see when I picture her today, not her updated, highlighted bob. Her ultra-short hairstyle back then makes total sense now. It probably took her all of 5 minutes to do. That’s what I’m talking about!

Many new moms succumb to cutting off their lovely ladylocks because there’s just no time to devote to brushing, drying, straightening, and smoothing when there’s a baby in the next room who might be trying to eat an extension cord.

I’m one of those new moms now. I loved my long hair when I actually took the time to blow-dry and flat-iron it, making it smooth and shiny. But I hated my long hair because I never felt like putting in the effort, hence why it always ended up in a raggedy ponytail. So, like many new moms I made an appointment to have it chopped off.

It’s funny how our hair defines who we are. Now that I’m a mom I think I’m too old to have long hair in the same way that mini-skirts are a no-no (not that I’d be wearing one anyway). Long hair is mostly reserved for teens and chicks in their 20’s, not moms more concerned with grocery lists and playdates. The one exception might be Angelina. Is there anything that woman can’t do?

This isn’t to say I won’t have long hair again someday. It might be against my better judgement, and will probably signal that I’m suffering a mid-life crisis, but isn’t it better than buying a shiny red sports car?

Cut it off, grow it out, dye it dark, repeat. Hair is the one thing I do have control over!

15 thoughts on “To Cut or Not to Cut?

    • I say yes to bangs! Although I know that can be a very difficult decision! My forehead leaves me no other option but bangs. And as a mom, there’s always an excuse no matter new or veteran or a work in progress! : )


  1. I agree completely , I have the long ragged pony tail since I just cant bare to cut it off. but I never have time to do anything with it ether. I always tell myself ill make the time later, then never do. So my hair stays pulled up in a bun 99% of the time. Then those very few times I take the time to straighten it and brush it and put on all the gloss and glam everyone around me is like ” I didn’t know you had hair like that!” or ” I always thought your hair was short !” lol


  2. Gahhh, mom hair. I had a friend once say something about me having Mom Hair like it was something I had succumbed to. She was totally serious, and totally rude, and I should have told her to stick it. But I’m nice. ANYWAY, I say eff the notion that we can’t avoid it. If you choose to cut your hair because you want to and it will make your life easier and you have a cute cut in mind? Awesome. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE AND BABIES, do NOT get bangs arbitrarily. I did, and hated it, and then hated myself for the 2 years it took to grow them back. (And then, not long after that, I hated the ditz at Great Clips who took “angle the sides to frame my face” to mean “hack off all the hair in the front of my head and give me crooked and shitty looking bangs.”) Just saying. 😀


  3. I always regret when I cut my hair because I suddenly look like a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I like my hair long, but I always feel like there’s a bug crawling on my back. It also now takes not one, but two bottles of hair dye to cover it. Now I just prefer a hat.


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