The Top 5 Things I Realize Now

The Top 5 Things I Realize Now That I’m a Mummy

1) Boobs are Overrated. It’s not like they can cook you dinner or wish you a happy birthday, so why all the fuss? Why did I wish I’d wake up with the chest of a Victoria’s Secret model when I was a teenager? We’ll blame TV and the media. Now I realize that fun bags are just that–fun to look at for 5 minutes then they’re just…there. And now that I’ve experienced both worlds, I’d rather go back to how they used to be! (Maybe that’s #6–appreciate what your Mama gave ya!)

2) It’s Not About the Stuff. For months before I had my baby, I’d obsess about all of the things we needed to have before she arrived. The crib, the obnoxiously expensive rocking chair and baby bouncer, the clothes, blankets, beanies, and nursery decor. Who knew babies needed so much crap! But they don’t…it was me thinking I needed the crap. The baby gets here and poops and vomits on everything and you wondered why you cared so much about all the stuff.

3) Date Nights Are Crucial. Romance isn’t something that comes easily after eight years of marriage, and it was the last thing on my mind after giving birth. But now I realize that making time for just the two of us is more important than ever. Plus, it’s nice to clean the poop from under your fingernails, change into something that doesn’t smell like sour milk, and go out (even if you’re just pretending not to think about your baby every 10 seconds.)

4) Judge Lest Ye Be Judged. I used to get annoyed with screaming kids in public. Who wouldn’t, am I right? I used to hide in nearby aisles, grumbling and vowing that I would never be that mom. But I realize now that the mom of the temper-tantrum, shrieking child is going to be me one day. Luckily, my baby hasn’t made me sweat too badly yet, but I know it’s a matter of time. And I hope when that time comes, people will not be so quick to judge but will offer a knowing smile instead of a scowl.

5) Chores CAN wait: I like a clean house. I like organization and order. But I LOVE my daughter. Sometimes I panic that time is going by too quickly and why am I wasting all this time with dishes and dusting? Do I want to look back and remember having a clean house or remember the day we rolled around on the floor laughing and playing with her toys? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be on Hoarders anytime ever, but I realize now that the dishes will still be there tomorrow while my daughter will be a day older.

8 thoughts on “The Top 5 Things I Realize Now

  1. Ah, the wisdom of motherhood…you are learning the lessons quickly and well! Love your humor, you, the hubby and our precious girl! BTW, need a sitter for a date night next Friday? xoxo


  2. Amen to No. 4!! I agree with you! Before I had kids I was full of ideas about how I would parent them. Now I realize, you’ve got to make the decisions that are best for you, and other people are making the decisions that are best for them. I try really hard not to judge because I know sooner or later I’m going to have that kid who doesn’t listen and runs away … oh wait, I already do. 😉


    • Yes–parenthood can really give you a big dose of reality I’m finding out! Sometimes it’s so hard not to judge or even feel smug when my daughter is behaving like a perfect angel and I hear a wailing child the next aisle over. It’s funny becaue she usually acts very well when we’re out and can unleash her temper as soon as we’re in the car. But I know it’s just a matter of time before she’s running away from me as well and I’m forced to cause a scene. Thanks for reading! : )


  3. Jewel, it is poignant and gratifying to read the revelations that motherhood brings to those of us blessed with children. I am enjoying re-living the process through your new mummy eyes.


    • Thanks so much Paula! I love sharing my joys and insecurities…especially with mom’s like you who have raised such wonderful children! Plus, you just reminded me of all the great advice you gave me at my baby shower, so now I’m going to use that as inspiration for a post. : )


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