My Little Foodie

“This smells like it already came out her other end,” I thought as I spooned pea green sludge into my daughter’s mouth. I expected her to turn into The Exorcist spewing pureed peas all over the place. But she actually liked it and opened up for another bite.

I don’t think I’ve EVER eaten peas in my life — except for ones hidden in a lasagna or casserole. I’m not a fan of vegetables unless they’re raw, and then they have to be smothered in a mayonnaise-based dressing for me to even consider them. The smell of steamed vegetables takes me back to being six-years-old and a victim of my brother’s stinky farts (my mom made a lot of broccoli back then.) This is just one reason why certain veggies trigger my gag reflex.

As I sat feeding my daughter her first taste of peas, it got me wondering how could I expect her to eat vegetables when I don’t even like them? I must admit that I don’t have a refined palette and I’d rather eat Skittles than brussel sprouts, but my tastes have matured over the past ten years. I used to survive on a diet of Frosted Flakes and candy but now I’ll eat asparagus and bell peppers…big steps for someone like me. I want to set up good eating habits early for my daughter — heck she’s already got me beat by a long shot. In my mind she’s going to become an accomplished chef making dishes with sunchoke tomatoes and whatever else fancy ingredients they use on Top Chef.

I think I’ll invest in one of those cookbooks where the vegetables are hidden in the dishes…pretty sad when it’s for my sake and not hers!

*Funnymummy apologizes for the gross-out picture…but a visual was neccesary.*

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