Bieber Fever

Listening to a children’s version of  “The Wheels on the Bus” while driving around doing errands sounded like my own personal hell. I was never gung ho about kids, yet I wanted so badly to have a baby and be a mom. Weird–I can’t explain it. I remember when I was pregnant and in a store where a child was having a meltdown, I froze thinking…”What am I doing? This is about to be your life.” There were moments when I found myself saying that I didn’t want to give up my music, watch cartoons, or trade Quentin Tarantino for Barney but this was all before the baby arrived. The minute she got here I was a silly, googly mess willing to do anything to make her happy. And now I realize that whatever she wants IS my command. It really is her world and we are merely her puppets.

If she wants to sing along to Alvin & the Chipmunks even though I can’t stand their screechy voices, then so be it! And if she wants to watch Finding Nemo on repeat, wish granted. Sure, I’m probably setting myself up for the makings of a spoiled little princess (never, not my angel!) but I’ll cross that bridge later.

Since I’m her biggest fan, I’m sure I’ll love anything she loves. Well, not anything…I would never like Justin Bieber and I pray that she has better taste as she ages. But then again, I was a NKOTB fan so I can’t really hold anything against her. She’s sure to make a couple bad decisions here and there. And if loving the Justin Bieber of her time is one of them, I’ll be a happy mummy.

Some parents try to fit their baby into their lives while others build a new life around their baby. I hope that the hubby and I are in the latter group with a bit of the first sprinkled in. I think it’s good to expose your kids to things you enjoy without holding on to any expectations. We can’t wait to introduce her to The Bouncing Souls and take her for her first surfing lesson (she’ll probably hate both.) In return, I’m sure she’ll introduce us to things we never even considered…I just might end up with Bieber fever after all!

3 thoughts on “Bieber Fever

  1. I’ll spare you the suspense…I was once in danger of being TOSSED OUT of a Metallica concert. Now, I not only watch ICarly, but my daughter yells things like, “get in here, Dad, it’s the one where Carly goes to Idaho!” Brace yourself, and…keep up the great work on the blog.


  2. It’s fun to introduce our kids to things we like as parents. It’s really hilarious to hear our 4 year old singing along to John Mayer or the Glee songs… “How do I get you alone….” Ok, so maybe not a totally appropriate song for a 4 year old. 🙂 But it is fun to share things. I like your reminder to also be ready to share in our kid’s interests as well.
    ps-As a parent you might appreciate this link: A Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It’s got some great tips on how to help start and develop healthy dental habits since tooth decay is so common among kids. I’m not about taking away all sugar, so this site is helpful to know how to make sure my son’s teeth don’t all fall out 🙂


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