Cats, Cats, Cats

As a little girl I never went through a horse phase. My older one is currently in the midst of hers–although I think it’ll be more than a phase–she’s kind of obsessed.

She’s got another thing coming though if she thinks Daddy is ever going to buy her a pony! (Sorry, sweetheart.)

I’m surprised I didn’t wind up a cat-hoarding old lady because I definitely went through a cat phase when I was young. My ultimate cat was a white-haired, blue-eyed kitten. See below:

My dream cat

My dream cat

I coveted a cat with these features and got him in my beloved, Sebastian (named after the crab on The Little Mermaid, of course).

Me, my rad kitten, and my awful 80's hair

Me, my rad kitten, and my awful 80’s hair

He was the best cat in the world. He put up with all my shenanigans of dressing him in clothes and treating him like a baby. Unfortunately he didn’t live very long, breaking my 8 year-old heart when he died.

RIP Sebastian

RIP Sebastian

My girls love cats too–any animal, really. But I was reminded of my love for them when we came across, Emma Dodd’s book, I Don’t Want a Cool Cat!

By Emma Dodd

By Emma Dodd

It’s a fun story of a little girl searching for just the right cat. I didn’t even realize there were so many different kinds of cats until we read this book. She doesn’t want a cool cat, or a stuffy cat, or a prize cat. My favorite cat she doesn’t want is “a prowly cat: a howly,  yowly, scowly cat!”

She just wants “a purry cat: a small, soft, furry cat.” I know just what she means. While Sebastian had blue eyes like Sinatra, he wasn’t a “treat-me-like-a-fool” cat, like Sinatra would’ve been if he were a cat. Sebastian was a true gentleman–a cat I could call my own cat. The very best snuggly, wuggly cat.

Look up Emma Dodd’s other books, we loved I Am Small and Sometimes… Apparently there is also I Don’t Want a Posh Dog!  so we’ll be searching for that one soon.

One thought on “Cats, Cats, Cats

  1. I tried to bake a cake for my oldest daughter for her birthday. I must’ve poured 18 pounds of icing on it and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t stay and look as nice as the professionals.

    Three hours later my wife, who was in tears from laughing so hard, tells me about fondant. Still haven’t been able to make it look professional, but my children do sleep at night now :-p

    The joys of parenthood…


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