One Funny Mummy Goes Viral…Not Really, But it’s a Start!

This morning I was shocked to find an email from an editor at BlogHer in my inbox saying they were going to publish my most recent Mom Code post on their Family blog page. Immediately I felt like I’d won the Pulitzer Prize, wait did I say Pulitzer? I meant Publisher’s Clearing House and that dude with the ginormous check and balloons was knocking on my door ready to hand it over. I’m pretty sure the feeling would be the same…total elation!



This came at just the right time to give me a small piece of validation to keep going because lately I’ve been questioning if I’m even a writer anymore because I don’t have a spare moment to reflect or observe or do writerly things and it’s starting to mess with my mind and, no doubt, my mood.

I was so excited and beside myself that I immediately went to BlogHer’s website so I could see my post, but it wasn’t there. So I thought maybe it would be published sometime this week. So I went back to my inbox to reread the email and only then did I notice the date, December 26th…four days ago. The day after Christmas. Who checks their email the day after Christmas? Certainly not me! Isn’t the whole world on pause from the 25th until January 1st because it sure seems that way according to the amount of tourists walking around the tourist trap of a town next to us and also according to the TV as absolutely f*ck all has been on. Plus, I normally wouldn’t have even checked that email if it weren’t for that Target debacle. (Man, Target has really been letting me down lately.)

So I was bummed I missed seeing my post on the front page of their Family section, but completely unbummed that they selected my post in the first place. There is no monetary compensation (although that would’ve been icing on the cake) but there is a profound sense of accomplishment especially for someone who deals with poop all day. I’m super proud and thrilled. Hopefully, there will be more to come!


13 thoughts on “One Funny Mummy Goes Viral…Not Really, But it’s a Start!

  1. I never had doubt! Hopefully, they are watching you and will want another one! You are very talented…don’t forget! So much fun the other day…loved seeing you!


  2. Hey, congrats! That’s great no matter when it happens, it happened – although the same sort of things happen to me all the time. I’ve been published at all the wrong times – like 3 on a Friday. Who reads then? Haven’t been published on Blogher but my understanding is they pay $50 per post, no?


    • Thank you! I’d crap my pants for 3 published posts on a Friday πŸ˜‰ That’s awesome, but I know what you mean…no one is sitting at their computer ready to read them at that time. When is primetime? 10 am on a Monday morning? Two hours in and everyone has pretended to “work” long enough? I’m oblivious to these things since my office is nonexistent.
      There was no mention of $50 for the post, but I do recall reading that at one time or another…regardless, I’m happy for the little bit of exposure : ) Thanks for stopping by!


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