About Me

I’m a writer turned Mummy turned Mummy blogger.

The reason I started this blog was to figure out what it meant to be a mom to my then six month old daughter. Now I have two little girls and not one shred of sanity or patience left to my name. But boy do I have two adorable little terrorists. It’s dawning on me that I won’t have this Mom business completely figured out for awhile (if ever!) so in the meantime I write when I can.

The name funnymummy came about 1) because every other name was already taken and 2) I thought it sounded good. But much to my hubby’s dismay he’s reminded of an actual mummy with the rags wrapped around it and everything. King Tut was not really the image I was going for. Secondly, I’m not British so it’s pretty much false advertising. I can’t even pretend to do a good English accent. I’m a complete sham!

I used to write a daily post but now I’m lucky if it’s a monthly post. I do all my best composing in the shower away from all the chaos and screaming. But with two kids now it’s almost impossible to shower let alone write, but somehow I find the time to do one or the other. Showering usually wins and I think the hubby is happy about that.

I live in California with my funnyhubby, adorable munchkins, and menagerie of pets. We love going to the beach, watching the home improvement channel, and eating burritos. My hopes for this blog are to share a few humorous stories and figure out how to get over my own hangups so that my daughters won’t have my issues along with their own.

Wish me luck, lord knows I’ll need it!

Almost all looking!

Almost all looking!

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your humor and I love you! You are already a great mom, you just don’t know it yet. Trust your instincts, and enjoy the ride…can’t wait for the next post! xoxo Boo Boo


    • Thanks! It’s easy to think we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, yet, as moms, we are. You’re already setting a great example by wanting to be brave — I hope I can steal a little of that from you for my own daughter. Thanks for reading!


  2. I love the website. I also follow you on Twitter (@weedboxdave) and I enjoy all your tweets; you are very funny. Parent myself of teenagers… so there’s that. Good luck on your continued journey and I’ll be looking forward to reading more.



  3. I found you on Twitter and had a good many laughs at your Twitter life, so I thought I’d stalk you on a blog as well. Yay fun! I always enjoy a mom who thinks she’s going to figure this parenting thing out, so I’m looking forward to reading about your disappointing train wrec…er your stories on becoming an accomplished parent. Good luck with that! Lol.


    • Haha! Yeah, I wrote about figuring out this parenting thing when I only had one child and she was still pretty young and so easy compared to now at age 3 1/2. So it’s safe to say I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me then and I still don’t. Thanks for checking out the ol’ blog. I really appreciate it. Stay tuned for more of my off the rails kinda life as a mummy.


  4. All I can say is – I hear ya sister. I have three girls – a nine-going-on-fifteen and a pair of six year old twins. It’s a wonder I can spell sanity (but I can’t feel it). I’ve been called crabby so many times that I took it for a name. Motherhood is directly proportional to sanity – so with three, no one expects me to be clear headed. And I just go with the image. As J.D.Salinger famously said – “All mothers are slightly insane”. I guess I am normal then..


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